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Arizer Vaporizers: The Pinnacle of Herbal Experience

Welcome to the world of Arizer, where innovation meets excellence in vaporizing technology. Our range of products, including the Air MAX, Solo II, and the XQ2, are not just devices, but a promise of quality, efficiency, and unmatched vaping experience.

The Air MAX Dry Herb Vaporizer: Your Portable Aroma Companion

Discover the Air MAX, a testament to Arizer's commitment to progression in vaporizing technology. This portable multi-purpose diffuser is a marvel, featuring cutting-edge upgrades like Custom Session Settings, automatic display inversion, and a user-friendly Dark Mode. The rapid-heating ceramic technology is a game-changer, ensuring your sessions start swiftly. Its USB-C charging port and the high-capacity 26650 lithium-ion battery represent the peak of convenience and longevity, with over 16 years of industry experience encapsulated in every unit.

Solo II: The Powerhouse of Purity

The Solo II stands out with its fast heating capability and an impressive 3-hour battery life. Its unique Use While Charging feature ensures your sessions are uninterrupted. The Solo II's all-glass vapor path with an isolated airpath guarantees the smoothest and most flavorful vapor, preserving the natural terpene profiles and maximizing potency. The Solo II is not just a device; it's a gateway to a pure and potent herbal experience.

Custom Session Settings: Tailor Your Experience

Both the Air MAX and the Solo II boast Custom Session Settings, allowing you to personalize your vaping sessions. The easy-to-read OLED display and user-friendly operating system give you total control. Set your preferred temperature in precise 1-degree increments and enjoy the convenience of the device remembering your settings.

Glass: The Epitome of Purity

Arizer’s original Glass Pod System, featured in our products, is synonymous with purity and ease of use. Made from pure borosilicate glass, it ensures that the flavor and terpenes of your herbs are fully preserved. Our advanced ceramic heating technology, combined with the cyclonic action of the herb chamber, extracts the essence of your favorite dry herbs effectively.

Quality & Performance: The Arizer Legacy

Established in 2005, Arizer is a pioneer in the vaporizer industry. Our commitment to research and exceptional design has continually set new standards in quality and performance. Arizer products are globally recognized for their high quality, affordability, and unparalleled customer service.

The XQ2: The Ultimate Aromatherapy System

The XQ2 dry herb vaporizer is a testament to our innovative spirit. This multi-purpose convection heater offers an all-in-one Aromatherapy system, Collection Bag/Balloon system, and On-Demand Direct Draw + Assisted Draw Whip system. With precise 1-Degree Temperature Control and a user-friendly operating system, the XQ2 stands as a pinnacle of desktop vaporizers.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Experience

The XQ2 comes with programmable remote control, a replaceable air intake filter, a quiet 3-speed fan, and multi-color base & heater LEDs. These features not only enhance your experience but also add a touch of personalization and convenience.

Warranty & Customer Service: Our Promise to You

At Arizer, we stand behind our products with an industry-leading warranty and customer service. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering, ensuring that every Arizer product enhances your aromatherapy journey.

Embark on an unparalleled herbal experience with Arizer – where design, quality, and innovation come together to offer you the best in vaporizing technology.

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